Revolutionizing Incident Management for Brookefield Retails

A Case Study on Centralized Incident Management and Real-Time Reporting by My Kloud Studios.

Discover how My Kloud Studios transformed incident management for Brookefield Retails, providing a centralized solution that revolutionized their security operations. Explore the journey, challenges, and impactful results of this collaboration in this insightful case study.

Customer Requirement:

  • Centralized incident management for all properties.
  • On-demand reporting of incidents using various parameters.
  • A mobile app enabling guards to report incidents.
  • Incident logging with customizable templates for all involved parties.
  • Implementation of a cloud operational strategy to support growth and migration.
  • Continuous 24/7 availability of the system and data.
  • Efficient scheduling of security personnel.
  • Guard tracking and tier management.
  • Timely notifications and alerts for incident management.

Our Solution:

  • A highly secure and dynamic system deployed on Azure Cloud with 24/7 availability.
  • Complete incident logging processes with customizable forms and templates for all parties involved in an incident.
  • A highly customized reporting module offering insights based on date, property, and employee parameters.
  • Configuration capabilities for scheduling and shift management of users.
  • Intuitive Tier and Map modules for efficient management.
  • A highly customizable incident notifications and alerts module.
  • Basic and Banned search modules for quick data filtering.
  • A robust admin module for seamless configuration of master data.

Value Delivered:

  • A fully functional Incident Management System deployed on Azure Cloud, featuring the latest technologies.
  • Implementation across more than 250 properties, facilitating centralized incident management.
  • Handling of over 20,000 daily incidents efficiently using the system.
  • Training of over 3,000 security personnel, ensuring their proficiency with the system.
  • Continuous 24/7 system availability and support, ensuring uninterrupted operations.