The Student Pickup and Ride Sharing system

Discover how we transformed the School Pool student pickup and ride-sharing system, providing secure and efficient solutions.

In this case study, we delve into how My Kloud Studios partnered with a client to address the challenges associated with student pickups and drop-offs at educational institutions. The solution involved the development of a comprehensive system to expedite secure student transportation. We’ll explore the customer’s requirements, our tailored solution, and the value delivered in streamlining student transportation processes.

Customer Requirement:

  • Resolve student pickup chaos
  • Secure and expedite student drop-off and pickup
  • Manage students and parents via RFID tags
  • Handle tags and payments through a portal
  • Track and report on students through a portal and app
  • Implement check-in and check-out via a tablet app
  • Develop a mobile app for student management
  • Enable student transfer and tracking for pickup and drop-off

Our Solution:

  • Utilized CodeIgniter and open-source tools to create a web portal.
  • Developed iOS and Android apps for parents to manage student tags, attendance, transfer, tracking, and reporting.
  • Designed a tablet app for teachers to handle check-in and checkout at the waiting area.
  • Integrated a web portal for RFID tag management, payments, students, teachers, classes, events, and reports.
  • Implemented a waiting area dashboard to streamline pickup procedures.
  • Created a holding app for missing student alerts.

Value Delivered:

  • Professional and user-friendly interfaces for web, tablet, and mobile applications.
  • Efficient management of tags, payments, parents, students, classes, reports, and events through the web portal.
  • Implementation of alert and notification systems in various modules.
  • Successful assignment of RFID tags to students with payments.
  • Resolution of pickup process challenges with the Waiting Area Dashboard, Check-In/Check-Out Tablet app, and Holding app for missing students.
  • Seamless parents’ app for managing parents, students, transfer, tracking, attendance, and reporting, with seamless data import.