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About Us

My Kloud Studios empowers tech companies to navigate their cloud journey, through a tailored cloud experience, optimized for the tech venture’s success.

We are a global corporate company dedicated to delivering cutting-edge Software Application Development Services worldwide. Our goal is to Accelerate Business Value With Cloud through our expertise in various areas, including Consulting, Native App development, Transformation, Quality, and Managed Services.

Empowering Tech Ventures

Our mission at My Kloud Studios is to empower tech companies on their cloud journey. We provide tailored cloud experiences optimized for each tech venture’s unique needs. Through a comprehensive suite of services and a technology-agnostic approach, we guide our clients to make informed decisions, driving efficiency, innovation, and sustainable growth in the cloud.

Innovating the Cloud Landscape

Our vision is to become a global leader in cloud and data services, renowned for our client-centric approach and innovative industrial platforms. We aspire to impact organizations worldwide, simplifying their digital transformation, enhancing their operations, and propelling them towards success in the tech-driven future. My Kloud Studios aims to be the go-to partner for every tech venture navigating the complexities of the cloud, making their journey seamless, efficient, and transformational.

Our Commitment to Innovation

We are committed to staying at the forefront of technology by leveraging next-generation solutions. Our focus extends to Cloud, 5G, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, and more. We harness these transformative technologies to enable comprehensive digital transformations for our global clientele.

Alliances & Partnerships

At My Kloud Studio, we pride ourselves on fostering strategic alliances and partnerships with leading technology firms and innovative startups. These powerful collaborations allow us to enhance our business capabilities and offer tailored solutions to the market. Our dedicated Alliance teams and partner management initiatives ensure that our customers receive top-notch support on their journey of Cloud and Digital transformation, enabling them to stay current in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Our Cloud Service Providers Partners

Our partnerships with some of the most influential cloud service providers enable us to drive business growth. We deliver exceptional services and solutions through these partnerships.

Azure Managed Service Partner

Proudly partnering with Azure, we expedite business transformation with a full spectrum of Cloud services, driven by our proven accelerators and solutions.

AWS Select Consulting Partner

We specialize in optimizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) for our clients. Our services cover AWS application migration, modernization, and top-tier Cloud Operations.

Google Cloud Partner

In collaboration with Google Cloud, we drive digital transformation. Our expertise spans Application Services, AI/ML, and Digital Workspaces for a seamless transition.

Technology Partnership

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