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Enhance Quality Engineering with DevOps-Enabled Testing

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Round the clock continuous monitoring

AI-based Predictive Analysis

MyKloud Studios’ Cloud Assurance team uses automation to improve software testing, ensuring IT stability and seamless cloud migration. We provide flexible pricing, DevOps-focused quality strategy, early insights, and technology recommendations for efficient delivery.

Our Offerings

Harness AI to Improve Business Outcomes:

Incorporate AI into the testing process, streamline and automate various testing tasks, reducing the need for manual intervention and improved business outcomes

We offer

  • Enhanced Test Coverage
  • Predictive Insights

We Deliver Business Value

  • Cost Reduction
  • Faster Testing Cycles
  • Scalability

Accelerating application delivery:

Continuous testing framework is designed to accelerate application delivery beyond mere automation, ensuring your software functions flawlessly.

We offer

  • Streamlined Testing Across Environments
  • Integrated Quality Approach

We Deliver Business Value

  • Enhanced Visibility
  • Integrated Quality Approach

Streamline Your CI/CD Pipeline for Agile Excellence:

Established robust release engineering frameworks that harness the power of best-of-breed technologies and tools, such as AWS and Docker, among others.

We offer

  • Containers and Microservices
  • Scale and Infrastructure

We Deliver Business Value

  • Agile Application Development
  • Automated CI/CD

Utilize monitoring solution beyond conventional metrics

This approach revolves around a continuous loop of Monitoring, Analysis, Planning, and Execution

We offer

  • Comprehensive Oversight
  • Adaptability to Agile Environments
  • Continuous Loop Methodology

We Deliver Business Value

  • Efficient Resource Utilization
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Risk Mitigation

Boost Testing Efficiency and Environment Quality

Focuses on automating data provisioning, ensuring efficient management of testing environments, and promoting the reuse of datasets.

We offer

  • Test Environment Management
  • DevOps Integration

We Deliver Business Value

  • Automated Data Provisioning
  • Dataset Sharing and Reusability
  • Real-time Monitoring

Streamlined Reporting, Governance & Monitoring

Develop a powerful Ubiquitous Reporting Automation tool that serves as a central hub for all your testing organization’s reporting, governance, and monitoring needs.

We offer

  • Dynamic Reporting
  • Improved Test Maturity

We Deliver Business Value

  • Unified Reporting Hub
  • Automation and Acceleration

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