Revolutionizing Motorcycle Dealership Management

Dive into the remarkable transformation of Cycle Mate's dealership portal with the help of My Kloud Studios.

Explore our case study on CycleMate, where we revolutionized motorcycle dealership management. Discover how we simplified dealer operations, enhanced user interactions, and optimized marketing strategies, resulting in a user-friendly, robust dealership portal.

Customer Requirement:

  • Simplified Motorcycle Dealers Management
  • Easy Dealer Configuration
  • Events and Campaign Configuration
  • Motorcycle Owner Registration
  • Complete Service Module Integration
  • In-app SMS, Alerts, and Notifications
  • Tours Management
  • New Product Marketing
  • Weather-Based Product Suggestions.

Our Solution:

  • ASP.NET, SQL Server, HTML5, and JavaScript
  • Developed iOS and Android mobile app
  • Simplified dealer registration process
  • Provided dedicated dashboards for each dealer
  • Integrated complete service modules, product sections, and in-app messaging
  • Enabled event configuration through the platform

Value Delivered:

  • Streamlined dealer registration
  • Dedicated dealer dashboards for efficient management
  • Improved interactions between dealers and motorcycle owners
  • Effective marketing strategies and personalized product suggestions
  • Seamless in-app messaging, alerts, and notifications
  • Comprehensive service flow module with timely alerts
  • Simplified motorcycle tour planning for owners
  • Transformed CycleMate into a user-friendly, robust dealership portal, enhancing the experience for all stakeholders