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My Kloud Studios provides cloud native services for innovation. We excel in cloud migration and automation, delivering efficient solutions.

Our Offerings

Modernization for agility and quality:

Shifting from traditional on-premises infrastructures to cloud-native development

Embracing Cloud Native Principles:

A structured approach based on “The Twelve Factors” and provide tools and accelerators for success

We offer

  • Portfolio Assessment and Classification
  • Prioritizing Cloud-Native Development

We Deliver Business Value

  • Enhanced Efficiency and Cost Savings
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Scalability and Flexibility

Seamless Integration and Automation:

Seamless integration, automation, and native monitoring for applications across multiple cloud platforms.

API-Powered Adaptability:

Utilizing APIs boosts adaptability, enabling businesses to connect with third-party systems and embrace models for rapid market responsiveness.

We offer

  • Operational Efficiency
  • Adaptability and Performance

We Deliver Business Value

  • Streamlined operations for optimal efficiency.
  • Native monitoring tools for better performance and adaptability.

Streamline the testing process and reduce manual effort

Test Data Process and Environment Management reduce manual efforts, streamline testing, and provide a more structured and efficient testing environment

We offer

  • AI for Quality Engineering
  • Continuous Test Automation
  • Release Engineering Automation

We Deliver Business Value

  • Reduced Business Risk
  • Efficiency and Agility
  • Enhanced Productivity

DevOps Security Integration

Embedded security within DevOps practices, promoting a culture of security-first

Efficiency and Speed

Automation eliminates slow and error-prone manual processes, replacing them with API-driven actions that expedite tasks and reduce turnaround times.

We offer

  • Automated Security
  • Self-Service Security

We Deliver Business Value

  • Higher level of security through automation and self-service capabilities
  • Mitigated risk of security breaches

Proven Migration Framework

Simplifies the migration of complex IT systems and data centers to cloud environments, reducing risks, downtime, and improving overall system predictability.

Enhanced Scalability

Ensure that your systems and applications can efficiently scale to meet changing demands, providing flexibility for future growth.

We offer

  • Efficient Migration
  • Accelerated Time to Market

We Deliver Business Value

  • Increased Productivity
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Cost Savings

Core Tenets of SRE

Emphasis on four core principles: Observability, Experimentation, Reporting, and a cultural shift similar to DevOps that encourages reliability.

Increased System Reliability

Our SRE and Operations services significantly enhance system reliability and uptime, reducing the likelihood of service disruptions.

We offer

  • Enhanced Reliability
  • Data-Driven Experimentation

We Deliver Business Value

  • Proactive Issue Resolution
  • Efficient Issue Resolution
  • Cultural Transformation

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