High-Resolution Ad Printing Made Easy: A Case Study

Super Valu's transformative journey, powered by innovative solutions from My Kloud Studios.

Discover how we seamlessly met our customer’s demands for creating high-quality ads with variable product counts, diverse templates, and user-friendly features. Our innovative open-source solution optimized productivity and security for a dynamic ad creation process.

Customer Requirement:

  • Variable Product Counts: Create ads with varying product counts per ad.
  • Diverse Templates: Access a range of templates for different occasions and specific needs.
  • FTP-Based Imports: Allow product info and templates to be imported via FTP.
  • High-Resolution PDF Output: Generate high-resolution PDF formats for quality printing.
  • User-Friendly Ad Creation: Implement a step-by-step, user-friendly ad creation process.

Our Solution:

  • Open-Source Framework: Utilized an open-source solution in the CodeIgniter framework.
  • Backend Development: Employed PHP and MySQL for robust backend development.
  • Image-to-PDF Conversion: Utilized Java components for API to convert images to PDF.
  • Data Handling: Managed product info and template imports using PHP and Linux.
  • Enhanced Security: Implemented Google two-factor authentication for security enhancement.

Value Delivered:

  • Timely Delivery: Delivered a solution with all the required features.
  • Successful Imports: Ensured successful import of users, products, and templates.
  • Enhanced Security: Implemented Google two-factor authentication for heightened security.
  • High-Resolution PDFs: Generated high-resolution PDF outputs suitable for printing.
  • User-Friendly Creation: Introduced a dynamic five-step ad creation process.
  • Progress Saving: Allowed users to save their progress as drafts and make edits at any point in the process.