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The world of Media and Entertainment is in constant flux, with technology and shifting demographics reshaping the landscape. In an age of digital transformation, staying ahead means enhancing broadcast and streaming services with voice and visual search capabilities, optimizing content for various devices, and safeguarding digital assets from unauthorized access. At My Kloud Studios, we harness the potential of automation, data science, artificial intelligence, and immersive technologies to elevate the audience experience, streamline content production, and maximize content monetization.

Why My Kloud Studios Stands Out

Our distinctive approach is rooted in innovation and customer-centricity. We offer a holistic ecosystem of solutions, enabling retailers to reimagine shopping experiences. What sets us apart.


We bring you unmatched insights and solutions, with a team of experts well-versed in media and entertainment.


Our content management systems provide advanced search capabilities and speedy content retrieval.

Audience -Centric

Our strategies are designed to create personalized content while protecting subscriber data, ensuring your audience's trust.


We excel in optimizing content for diverse devices, making sure your content reaches your audience effectively.


Leveraging advanced technologies, we help you maximize revenue from your content while preventing unauthorized access and piracy.

Catering to Diverse Sectors


My Kloud Studios partners with artists, record labels, and music companies to offer a range of services, including sales tracking, contract management, and live show support.


The company focuses on enhancing audience engagement in the sports sector by using big data analytics, AI, and mixed reality technologies.


My Kloud Studios helps film production studios upgrade their IT infrastructure for superior multimedia content management.

TV & Radio

They empower TV and radio broadcasters to meet the demands of a global audience, integrating AI tools into media management systems to enhance functionalities.

Connected TV Experience

MyCloud Studios offers an Over-The-Top (OTT) TV solution for a connected TV experience across streaming and on-demand formats and connected devices.

Our solutions are tailored to your needs

Audience Experience

Engage your customers in real-time conversations and align strategies with their needs.

  • Royalty Management: Simplify sales, contract, royalty, live show, and subscription management.
  • Value-Added Services: Enhance content with on-demand streaming and playlist creation features.


  • Cloud Migration: Expedite your shift to the cloud using our hosted content management solutions.
  • Immersive Entertainment: Utilize augmented and virtual reality to captivate your audience.
  • Over-The-Top (OTT): Seamlessly navigate the OTT landscape with high-quality video streaming for connected devices.

Media Value Chain

  • Asset Management: Modernize your infrastructure to support cutting-edge imaging, video processing, and mobile technologies.
  • Content Delivery Network: Ensure seamless content distribution via robust delivery networks.
  • Monetization: Maximize revenue with innovative ad monetization strategies.
  • Business Process Management: Streamline your operations and stay ahead of the competition.

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